People counting system
Monitoring data about visitors and other marketing data represent competitive advantage, increase visitor satisfaction, new KPI in business and achieving better operating result.

What you don't measure you cannot manage.

People counting system is one of the important data for marketing campaigns decision making, employees scheduling, opening / closing individual locations and considering the correctness of supply in relation to the demographic composition of visitors. We can count on the level of micro-location or group of retail locations, shopping malls, touristic facilities, libraries, cultural, sport and other facilities. 
To assure the highest level of accuracy we combine different counting technologies into our own software REMS. Based on specific passage we select 3D, thermal, video and IR counting or the combination of different technologies.

Counters are selected based on specific passage for which you need information regarding passages by hours, days, weeks, months and years. We combine different counting technologies, 3D, thermal, video and IR counting to assure the highest level of accuracy.

  • Monitoring number of visitors by hours, days, weeks, months, locations 
  • different conversions
  • measurement of marketing campaigns effectiveness
  • better and more accurate information for business decision making
  • increasing average purchase
  • measuring the number of visits of specific events
  • increasing competitive advantage
  • modular design based on client wishes.  

Upgrade of people counting system:
  • integration of vehicle counting data
  • integration of face recognition data
  • customer satisfaction data correlation 
  • POS data integration for conversions rate calculation
  • correlation with Cobiss 
  • wireless call buttons
  • managing alarms. 


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