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Aura is an innovative modular platform designed to tackle yard logistics challenges.


If you handle more than 20 trucks and other vehicles daily, Aura will help you with tracking, traffic flow optimization and process management challenges.

Aura is adaptable for use in various industrial and commercial environments:

• Industrial companies
• Logistics companies
• Ports
• City centers
• Parking lots
• Bus stations
• Airports
• Roads and tunnels

Aura's flexible data model addresses multiple challenges in the modern environment.

It allows efficient management of people, vehicles, and products, focusing on sustainability through digitalization, transportation optimization, and environmental reporting.



Flexibility and integration with existing systems: Aura is designed to meet users' specific needs by easily integrating with existing systems and implementing any relational data model the user requires.

Improved traceability: Aura improves traceability by enabling better tracking, process control, and reporting. It efficiently manages people, vehicles, and products.

Resource optimization: Aura helps companies optimize operations, reduce unnecessary costs, and improve overall efficiency.

Decision support: Aura gathers data and monitors events, empowering companies to make informed decisions that boost productivity and profitability.

Automation and digitalization: By automating and digitizing processes, Aura minimizes the risk of human error, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability. It also enables rapid and automated generation of various reports, such as radiation reports and weighing slips.

Enhanced security: Aura ensures security through access management, ID verification, and monitoring.

Sustainability: Aura focuses on sustainable practices, assisting companies in reaching environmental goals through process digitalization, which contributes to lower resource consumption and waste reduction.


We developed Aura in-house. It is designed to adapt to your specific needs and integrate with your existing systems.


• Reduces excessive vehicle dwell time and fuel consumption
• Improves traceability and access management of people, vehicles, products
• Aura digitizes the manual scheduling of vehicle arrival appointments (reservations) and driver registration
Integrates different systems, solving data entry duplication and eliminating the need to export data from various systems for report creation
• Reduces paper consumption
• Ensures greater security
• Enables timely data management and real-time information


Join us on the journey towards enhanced operational efficiency, improved security, and sustainability!

Our team will collaborate with you to find solutions that optimize your company's yard logistics processes.


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