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Passionate. Innovative. Reliable.


Tenzor has a strategic place in the Adria region as an integrator of multiple technical systems into comprehensive solutions for risk management, ensuring security and optimizing business.  
We integrate systems in the field of central control systems, RFID solutions, building management systems, technical security and electrical installations. 

Our solutions optimize business operations and increase the profitability of our clients in the areas of retail and shopping centers, industry, hospitality and leisure, transport, parking lots and garages, banks and financial institutions, libraries and public administration. 

More than 30 years of experience 

We ensure optimal solutions, consulting and support with years of knowledge and experience. Our expert sales engineers, designers and R&D engineers will find the optimal solution for your specific needs, from simple to more complex and comprehensive solutions. 


Our mission is based on strong Tenzorian values: 

  • employee satisfaction and loyalty, 
  • client satisfaction, 
  • safety, 
  • confidentiality, 
  • innovativeness. 

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We live our mission with dedication and passion. As a company, we take care of employee satisfaction so we can focus on work and together achieve optimal results for our customers. 

We ensure our strategic position with two own development centers, which enable the development of innovative solutions tailored to each customer's needs. 

We are a reliable partner as we take clients’ security and confidentiality very seriously. That's why we cooperate with our clients on a long-term basis, in several countries, and are the first choice for their new projects. 


Reliable partnership 

Focus on development, finding the best and optimal solutions, quick responsiveness and flexibility are the foundation of long-term partnership relations with our customers.  

We provide our partners with: 

  • a professional and committed team of experts
  • flexibility: we adapt and optimize solutions, so they best meet the business needs of our clients, 
  • upgrade at any point, enabled by our own technical team in combination with our R&D department, 
  • quick response is ensured by our own stock of built-in elements and our technical and engineering team, 
  • one point of contact: the cooperation process is smooth, as clients work with one contact person who ensures the coordination and excellence of all subcontractors, 
  • full 24/7 support
  • international coverage: we have our own teams in different countries and project managers who speak different languages. 
Our design department prepares project documentation in all stages of implementation: IDZ (concept), IDP (basic design), PGD (design for obtaining building permits), PZR (tender documents), PZI (project for the implementation), PID (done works design) and POV (operation and maintenance designs).  

Licenses and certificates 

We offer the highest level of comprehensive solutions, which we also provide with licenses and certificates: 

  • license for the design and implementation of technical security systems in accordance with ZzasV, 
  • EX maintenance certificate, 
  • EX installation certificate, 
  • fire sealing license – module S-FKC, 
  • permission to carry out radiation activity, 
  • trade license for installing electrical wiring and devices, 
  • Bisonde Solution's platinum rating of excellence. 

Knowledge is key so we upgrade it within the "Tenzor Academy", with regular training and additional professional training. 

 Our solutions 

Deep understanding of our client’s needs, years of experience and knowledge led to the development of our own solutions and own brands in planning and implementation: 

  • security systems for protecting people and property, 
  • intelligent transport systems, 
  • automation of buildings and central control systems, 
  • management systems of tourist facilities and 
  • business intelligence and technological solutions. 

Our brands: 

  • platform rems (Retail Event Management System), 
  • platform iEMS (Industry Event Management System), 
  • Urban Informatics (solutions for parking management). 

 We have also developed several niche solutions that solve the specific challenges of our customers, including: 

  • UVSS – checking the undercarriage of train compositions, 
  • thermal scanner - a system for the safety inspection of cargo vehicles, 
  • license plate recognition system, 
  • a solution for the analysis of visitors in stores, 
  • detector of the wrong direction of passage, 
  • remote location monitoring system, 
  • interfaces for the integration of various security systems, 
  • RFID solutions for libraries - we also received the Gold Award for Innovation 2022 from the Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela Krajina for our smart library cabinet. 

Tenzor Leadership 

The management of the company motivates us to fulfill our mission and follow our vision with their dedication, responsibility and good example.  



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