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of technical systems and electrical installations.

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Advanced hospitality & leisure solutions

Energy efficiency ∙ Security ∙ Business optimization ∙ Guest satisfaction

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Change of company name Protrade d.o.o. to Tenzor Hrvatska SBS d.o.o.

Tenzor has installed anti-theft protection systems with RF technology at all locations in Slovenia. System installation has in accordance with test results - also at enlarged project - on average contributed to a significant theft reduction with rapid return on investment.

Marko Mravljak, sales manager, Hofer d.o.o.

I'm convinced that company Tenzor will often pleasantly surprised us with business results which are and will be a refection of dedication, professionalism and excellence in the narrower and wider area at this moment.

Dejan Zavec, boxing champ

Company Tenzor has installed us wardrobe lockers that enables easy usage and safe storage of personal belongings of University of Maribor library users. We were seeking for solution where additional elements for opening like keys for locks or special tags/bracelets are not needed. So our users are using wardrobe lockers, borrowing library material in the libraries of the University of Maribor and entering into area that is intended for study on the ground floor of the library with one card (academic card of University of Maribor).

Borut Gaber, UKM
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30 years of knowledge, experiences and references

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